Auroras dance in spectrum glows
Soul positive born unscorn
In tandem pole life bridges halos
Across the universe trumpets horn.
Gather the angelic sheep all!
Unshepherd in proverbial flock
Grazing in concert happy crawl
Compass oriented destined lock.
North Star it's time!
Again bells soft and loud all echoing
Like a cosmos chime
All nature breeze sway cooing.
Angels line up twain white wings close
Thick foamy clouds soft glitter between
All trumpets held abreast all eyes gloss
As the wooly flock march star guided wean.
Glorious celestial symphonic brass trump
Cosmic loving roar a hundred elephant cries
Heard spiraling through the galaxies ramps
Diminishing ever softly upon the fields of daffodil eyes
As the star guided flock
In orchestral baaing stride
Heed the heavenly clock
Now all gathered seated baa-pride.
Angels trumpeting glorious celestial Advent!
As the manger awaits boreas twist dance
Color wheel waltzing to helical ascent
Into epiphany of gold, myrrh, frankincense.
©NDR 9.5.2016

Hmmm...just feeling Christmassy. :-))

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