God’s Poetry

Rock and Rolling the Tango

God’s Poetry
I read poetry hear colors touch shadows
Glory I behold mine ears caressed with music
Incense scented waves of auroras dancing
Rainbow wheel like jelly fish in space infinite.
Rhythmic ecstasy in meters sonnet moons
Abstractions alienations voids blank canvas of
Dreams crescendoing longings in aberrations
Fluting jazz I see soothing setting stars.
Metaphors in galaxies orbiting similes
Of asteroids ringing the tropic zones
Of gas worlds lightyears near and far a celestial
Peter Max Taj Mahal Vedas of universes.
But for a good morrow a crescent night
Grains of beach sand stars clouded behind
Fireflies in the Eden garden of flora and fauna
Ant hills among the anteaters fireballs in black holes.
These are God’s creations after all
Synonyms antonyms in vast matters yet expanding
After all this I gather rainbows hear colors
Of white light Ravelian Bolero prism broken.
Float among the milky ways of infrared wonders
Smell and drink the sweet songs of the cosmos
Rock and rolling the tango on the waves cusping
Around the world to a space now finite, my inglenook.
I read God’s Poetry, a quiet time all my own.
©NDR  May 1971 revised and expanded 7.01.2016

Musing the night away, dreaming that a twin moon would suddenly appear.

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