Hug a New Day

gather...fuse the dots...get together

Hug A New Day
           fuse the dots

We say

Life is all about change
Moments not arrange
We let live one
Let live the other gone
We move on we go
Reckon not any moment ago
Now past... only a dot
Yet know times are unsettling and
  mean so much a lot

We say

Times are when things
  are rough not going our way
We still find the joys of life
  realizing lucky alive we are anyway
Not giving up yet we accept
  we learn by letting go
Just as automatically take it all in
  from the word go
Unconsciously we do always and
  humbled with gratitude
We share the happiness from life’s
  experiences always we do

We say

Here handed laid down before us the
  day ahead
We seem to remain oblivious though
  surely not dead
In auto mode a reality has stacked up
  over time
Hypnotized blankly sleep walk no not
  a crime
To enjoy or to suffer from a day’s
  offerings yet we go ahead head on
Do the routine protocol to perfection
  happy we are another day done

We say

Life is all about change
For better for worse not arrange
Again we look in the mirror as we
  wash our face
Look out the window to a new dawn
A familiar old rose horizon seems to
  come back
Not anything like before certainly not
  any four leaf clover luck
Always a new moment a new twist
  sashay paws from your cats
On the floor the first sun rays coming
  in... fusing colorful dots
Rainbow shadows all over your space
     spreading unto
A magnificent new day in the offing
  radiant jumping sparkling to
A change... a joy... at last to gather
Grace together
Sing and... at last to praise
Evermore to embrace
To dance and not miss
A hug once..,even twice... a kiss
Live again... laugh again... and shine
To smile glowingly... truly... at last

We say

Photo: Screenshot public domain Gearges Seurat “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”
Video:Beethoven 9th Choral, excerpt..
under 4 minutes

In 2001, Beethoven’s autographed score of the Ninth Symphony, held by the Berlin State Library, was added to the United Nations Memory of the World Programme Heritage list, becoming the first musical score so honored.

A glorious day it will be with Beethoven’s 9th coming very soon! Post Covid 19. First vaccine. Second ...maybe a third...
Poem written two months after Covid 19 was declared as a pandemic by WHO.

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