a sequin night sky deja vu

Moonlight Lullaby
         a sequin night sky deja vu
grayish pinkish
cloudless sky fabric
a sunlight glossed saracenic moon
traces the sun grooved path
above the Banderas Bay
as afterglows of pastel auras
wind swept to shore
from gossamer fleeting green horizon
twilight near
goddess Venus stood seemingly frozen
galaxy stars
and gods of heaven begin
sparkling the night sky
now sequined the silver basket moon
wears a crimson mascara
bidding Venus goodnight
a promise
a lullaby of full circle face rendezvous
                                   . . .

Moonsetting in Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, MX. Planet Venus keeping an eye on youthful saracenic moon as it phases and changes colors on its way lulling wth the soft bay waves to horizon winking goodnight.

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más de 3 años

Nicely done! First time I've seen the moon as saracenic. I like!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 3 años

Thanks for liking Brod. I was torn between "crescent" and "saracenic" and the architect in me biased me more to the images of basket arches portals of Islamic/Greek revival architecture with crimson colorings of Saracen. Goddess Venus was in awe! :--))

Robert L. Martin
más de 3 años

I felt like I was there watching it. Well done.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 3 años

A good time we had with a few friends, weekful of it. Sunsetting, moonsetting, food and Mariachi, night beach walks-things tourists do.
Beautiful entertaining city by the bay.
I am glad I could share a bit of it and you felt being there with us, thank you Robert.

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