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Blissful Moments

Poetry Live
          Blissful Moments
At home and lost at once in a Dome Museum of Fine Arts
Caught between Stravinsky and Vivaldi’s rites of spring
Conveying a range of feelings of passion and compassion
Music embedded in the guitar’s strings the tip of the baton
Yes Poetry live written lyrically sung painted sculpted words
Formed from mother earth’s core sprouted to granite architecture
Encrusted with crystalline gemstones like desert wildflowers
In a muted loud whispers of a shimmering mirage-like sunset
Like turning on the heat for your morning cup of coffee
It is like reading the first words from an email of a friend
Like the cold shower that makes you shiver wakes you up
It is like the creaking of an old door betraying an intruder
Like the whistle you waited from a pot of boiling water
It is like the soothing songs of birds as you struggle to sleep in
        Like the fall leaves quietly swaying greeting winking at you
        It is like dreaming remembering the things you used to do
Like feeling the last spins of cool air from a fan coming to a stop
It is like the fragrance from a bundle of herbs from a stewing pot
Like the sweet sonorous concert sound from the pillow next to yours
It is like the life elevating smiles from the daily rewarding chores
Like the spiraling world showered with blissful wonderful occurrences
It is like the reassuring vortex burping noise of a flushing water closet
One wishes done to the nonstop muck from the swamp by the Potomac
Its dazed denizens lost roaming like zombies in the Dome Cake Asylum
Ah... let me be lost and at home at once
In this lush planet paradise we call Earth
A museum of live fine arts
Photo: ndr Fall leaves rain sprinkled and winking

Blissful one feels from the burping sound of a flushing water closet.

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