Of Stars, Infinity and Sand

..,the first and the last... rev 22:13

Of Stars, Infinity and Sand
              ...life given love stirred...
Look up on a clear dark night
Around far as your eyes able to see
Grains of sand fireflies in the sky
Infinite stars up there
Lightyears apart in space
Yet seem close together like
Cities glimmering in the night
Clusters of galaxies
Nuggets of gold glittering
Star light love light nourishment for all life
Ever beaming cyclically rhythmically
Along boundless multi-cosmos shores
Colonies of billion lightyears apart in unending space
A creation live in space exuding bursting with beings fauna and flora
In universes spirals ellipticals wayward
Limitless as well
Our dreams imaginations
The galaxies in our minds
Conscious unconscious musings
Phantasmagorical wanderings
Our halo chakra of unbounded visions
The creator
The soul unseen
The spirit
In the deep dark
Undefined space
Before it all began
In oblivion non-life nothingness
And in the vast void of the unseen
The Spirit The soul The creator
The will fill the void the space
With the fire a light inherent from the soul
Uttered a command that roared
A thunderous echo across all darkness
Grains of sand glitter
Space oceans flow
Water sparkle glisten longing for life
Life eternal sprouted multiply thrive
Along the shores of all cosmos
Sashaying in step with the primal
Ember of the fire music of life
Star lights softly dwell with the divine
Ecclesiastical in the rose windows of the sky
The one star we have a speck of grain in the vast space sand
A firefly Sun lights paradise earth stirs life above and below
Settled in our heart our world our life love
Forever emitting and sharing our love light
Photo: Knowledge Science Report

...Alpha and Omega...
“From forever in the past to forever in the future, you are God.” - Psalm 90:2

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