Once Upon A Time In Virginia

Four Leaf Clover Wish

Once Upon A Time In Virginia
And there she was coming out from her room
Smiling with her right hand on the door frame
A sentimental yet happy image of her fame
The very first time our eyes met
I felt a smile on my face as well
Not a word was spoken nothing from the belle
Out the door we stepped unaware
Our hands were together fingers interlocked laughing
Introduced ourselves like
kids in luck teasing
A second nature world of liking of sharing
A joyous moment like kids at once friends forever
My blind date’s friend’s date was
my witty friend one who’s clever
Who asked me for this he said an  easy foursome dinner
Ended up wee hours a nighttime of clubbing a dancing splendor
A goodnight kiss in the backseat of his car another a long one at her door
Through a gauntlet of well wishers sparkles rice shower
Something old something new
borrowed and blue
Sprinkle was coming down she hurried me to her car
Once upon a time in Virginia a four leaf clover wish came true
Photo: Screenshot from Roberts Centre, Ohio Advert

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