Strange That I Say

Auras Of Silences

Strange That I Say
I do not know you
Strange that you entered my life
Taken my substance forever
You challenge me.
If I say I love you
What good would it do?
Not that you do not hear
Your eyes listen to a distant song, I know
You want me
You know that is true.
You love me
I know you do.
If I say I care for you
What good would it do?
Stranger the infinity of silences between
Us yet when our eyes meet
Frozen we stood our souls at once
Widowed from the noises within ourselves.
They dance embrace spiral towering
Over the storm pregnant clouds.
They dance embrace spiral float
To the distant song we shared and loved to
Fluted by Pan permeating our auras of silences
Crescendoing into pleasures we alone know.
Our eyes again meet our souls quietly
Come back our bodies again whole
The distant song at last is here with us and I yearn
Once more for your touch incessantly.
For there’s nothing strange saying I love you.
©NDR 8.19.1986

All you need is love when the breeze of silence suddenly surrounds you and stays indefinitely. The phrase "I love you" is welcome anytime.

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