...the living is not always easy...

The bamboo trees sway
A brisk rustic summer breeze
Sings exotic songs
The tunes float down the valley
Glide with the shimmering river
Into the canyons yonder
Where abundant wild flowers
Rule the piedmont coastal plain
Clear to a setting twilight
Glistering poetic foams dance
With honey feathering sands
Sunrising-setting beach
A summer time paradise
A rustle of leaves alarm
The critters to take refuge
Ah... a morn burst of joy
At hand life’s reveling day
As Ravel’s bolero drums
Beat a celebration strain
To feast to picnic to frolic
Hail all fauna all flora
Vivaldi to Stravinsky
End of spring dawn of summer
Nonchalant songbirds
Roosting under the bushes
Lullabied to a sweet song of
Gently swinging bamboo leaves
A cool breeze gentle fading
Of summer leaves into the colors of fall
As the lavender wind aimlessly
Die out to a winter spell
A quietude time
Stillness meditative call
From the grove beyond
Winds of change there to reckon
Answering a call to dance
With Mother Nature a joy
Choice not always a brisk made
Photo: Pinterest
Video: From the Top, Stravinsky “the rite of spring,” 2:43 minutes

Life seasonal changes not a “brisk walk (Brod Ericus)”.

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