the calming

the specter dies...let there be light again

the calming
      the specter dies
hades’ tartarus stocked
the ixions the tantaluses
of paradise earth
safe in Dante’s  ninth chamber
dungeoned keys smashed
the gods goddesses of Olympus
now sat together picking noses
nectar and ambrosia imbibed
planet eden earth calming
as old as man is sin
fear of damnation was in the cave
step out the medusas and hades
strip you naked devour you
yet light abounds
in places everywhere
in the dimmest caves
in the heart chambers
of humankind
Prometheus resides
Photo:ndr twilight @ corona del mar/crystal cove beach ca

...let the light return...let there be light again...

Poem inspired by Brod Vic Evora, rejoinder to his “Unrelenting” poem.

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