The Frog and The Turtle

A Pristine Refuge

The Frog and The Turtle
              A Pristine Refuge
There is a bull frog on top of the diamond back
That is on a rock island in the middle of a creek
That meanders toward and under the bridge cheek
Where a few ducks and ducklings are preening
The turtle and the frog some ducks quietly watching
Not a quibble the terrapin seemed oblivious of the bull
Absorbed about something gaze fixated up the creek
A white elegant egret stealthily walking without a creak
Along the water edge long neck moving back and forth
Legs up and down ever soft ripples make a circle court
The translucent green tea stream silently slowly flowing the all
Beneath arches of shade trees that are gently kissing
The creek with soft pink shadows rock water gliding
From the amber cloud streaked red oolong setting sun
A pristine scene of eons past repeats itself all and one
Life through time has honed all creatures to connect with nature clock
Chirping songbirds scatter around the bushes socializing
Black birds skip-flying the canopies loud songs ever groaning
Noises a sweet reminder day is done choices made twilight comes
Smiling subway humans surface to happy hour retreat plums
Such is the dance of life improvising ever jazz rocking the waltz
Common with all beings the communion with nature with earth’s
A ceaseless journey of faith trials joy family security and revival
A pilgrimage ever searching for love a home a mate for survival
The bull frog has stopped calling kissed the turtle flew to a bushy site
Cricket serene roosting by the creek under starlit sky a refuge paradise
                                              * * *
Photo: NDR Oak Creek Sedona AZ
Video: ndr. Ducks at Aliso Creek, Laguna Woods, CA  50 sec

We all need a sanctuary, a retreat, a communion with faith, a smile on our face. Fly to that bushy site and feel at home. It doesn't hurt.

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