Touting America Great Again


Touting America Great Again


Breathe in breathe out
A cry-in... A refuge... Safety pins.
Media vigorously attacked Trump
People voted Trump
Not popular but topped 270   30 plus over.
Fed medics to dislike him Obamacare in the crosshairs
Repeal easier than new one now the news say.
Hillary did not try enough Woman factor enough
Trump said it’s a movement a revolution
Movement demonized by Obama worldwide
Trump knows nothing about world affairs
Unfit for Presidency Dems world echoed him
Likewise GOP establishment spat on him
Pundits from both sides vomited out vitriols
Liberal intellectuals Colleges Universities
LGBT Urban Suburban ghettos illegals legals
Hollywood west east coasts urban areas
Black lives rainbow lives 47%'ters all push Not Like.
Obama in denial spiking ball in defeat
Not enough celebrities tooting for Trump
This is my America Not my president
My flag is red white and green not blue
Kneel down protests cry-in gatherings
Be silly get carried away Trumpeters laugh
Catch a snowflake in the summer
In the tropics... falalalala... lalalala
It’s a sunny snowy day deck the halls!
Put on a smiley face ear to ear
Merry Christmas in the front burner again
Happy Holidays in melt needle in the back.
Life happens really fast
Faster than one can say 'With fries, please.”
2016 talk for generations how Trump won
How Clinton lost “Does it matter at this point?”
Fake news Russians cyber attacks
Putin satanic grin Wikileaks’s ear to ear
Recounts queen “Hanging Chads” Jill Stein in denial
“Fake Native American” Elizabeth Warren in denial
Socialist share the wealth guru “Feel the Bern” in denial
Mainstream in denial Fox News in seventh heaven nirvana.
Twinkle twinkle Election’s over blame game begins
Dems refuse to accept defeat by all means over their dead bodies
Demonstrations all across the land of the First Amendment Rights
Past time to wrap up people Fox News trumpeting
Yet the Dems continue to sell the Brooklyn Bridge
And Rolex watches in 14th Street NY in Time Square
Insisting the world is flat press corps is combative
Not  my president! Whining protesters say
No wall! No wall! No Wall! “Who will pay for it?” Trump asks
Wall a metaphor victors now say.
Old Glory, “hailed and honored at the far ends of the world”
Burn! First amendment righters birth right to burn flag!
Basket of deplorables Clinton’s Romney’s 47%
Deplorable was cool Trumpeters say Irredeemable was cool
“What difference does it make at this point?” Not cool.
Trump pragmatist all in agreement now
Zen of losing... dignity in defeat... alien to Dems
White-lash? Ummm...? Agony in defeat... Can’t explain to children.
Tsunami supporters flooded Da Donald talk events
Clinton’s a couple of blueberries among fields of red raspberries
Four hour rated fire walls collapsed like dominos in flames
More women, more blacks, more latinos took Trump side
Than past GOP candidates had gotten dreamt about
Trump helpers gather beetles and fruits from shaken trees
Native Americans Jews Asians Arabs Muslims voted Trump.
Know more to crush ISIS than all the Generals genius Trump says.
Dems mocked up readied newsprints glass ceiling shattered
Planned simulation of shattering glass ceiling in their HQ
Trump not expected to win as campaign winds down
Print media advanced headline: “Loser!” Historic splash!
Bold type face full front page with clown face Da Donald in tears!
Eats lots of black crow tastes worse than dung.
Left wing diminished blue working class
Kill coal industry ignore meat and potatoes middle America
Kill rust belt jobs eight years promises promises
Hope all that was audacity of hope Elephants say
Jobs exited the borders Mexico China got most.
9/10 media/press coverage negative of Trump
Intentionally hostile coverage garbage of all kinds recycled
Foul rotten eggs toxic smell polluted both campaigns
Thrust into America’s living rooms at dinner time
24/7 repeats choruses crescendoing in all media.
Media part of establishment Trump said
Debate questions given to CNN before debate
Yet Trump over the top 270 upwards early count and counting
Media in shock! Groping wide eyed live didn’t know how to react!
Frozen deer eyes in glaring headlights!
Absolutely not in the script! Not in the prompters!
“Dewey Defeats Truman!” Polls say early on.
Kumbaya in Trump Tower in Manhattan
No fly zone let bygones be bygones
Romney Cruz Haley in the lobby Kanye West too
All the King’s men All the King’s soldiers rode the Elevator!
Trump has conviction! Clinton expediency
Dems out of power senate and house soon justices too.
Can’t shut people’s mouth against Trump
Suck it up idealists intellectual elite, Da Donald faithfuls fingered!
Phantom hysteria can not grasp realities they say
Worse could have gotten Ted Cruz they say
Silent majority say: “Can you hear us now?”
“This is my legacy. You have to elect HRC”
Obama bullhorned in the last hours of campaign
Seemingly seeing defeat smelling Dems’ toxic vitriol backfiring.
It was over early wee hours of Wednesday
Podesta said goodnight/good morning? to Dems in the hall
Glass ceiling did not crack not a pinhole seen
Clinton a historic footnote now apparent
Shock! Shattered expectations, all that was shattered
Grim faces, sad crying abandoned children of Eve
Gaping mouths looking at the score boards holding hands
Heads bowed all walked out shaken empty hollowed faces
Sunken eyes zapped of all the energy reserved to celebrate
The coronation, the it’s –my –turn First Woman Boss
The “Stronger Together” would be Woman President
Instead gave concession to would be 45th First Man of the US of A
“Let’s give him a chance” teary eyed HRC said with gloomy faced Bill
In The Great Again America he touted.

Wednesday morning the nation saw a spate resurgence of racial hatred
It’s ugly demonic heads sprouted all over the land of the free home of the brave
As if on cue! #SAD!

Friday January 20, 2017 is upon us.
Wrap up. Move on. It’s over.
Four years ahead maybe, maybe not.
Let’s see. Let’s check. Let’s account.
Let’s watch. If yes four years, could be eight.
Who knows at this point? But IT DOES MATTER!
Big time! Especially where concessions are kept.

God Bless The US of A! Hallelujah! Hal le lu uuu jah!
And to All A Goodnight. Uuuuumwah!

©NDR 12.28.2016

NB: Nothing new in this prose. You may ignore it, no offense taken. But History has been made. And not the expected one. I am not political by nature, not Democrat nor Republican nor Bernie nor Stein. I normally sit on the fence, watch the cattle graze, hear cows moo. But I thought I’d record some of the noise, catching nuggets of events here and there from the news - cable news TV and MSM. Not chronological rather sporadic as I recall them and color sprinkled/spiced to tickle. This is a sequel to an earlier satirical poem I wrote after Trump and Clinton clinched the Primaries which I will also post, along the same vein - current events. You may ignore this one too. Again, no offense will be taken. I just want them published.

Hope this does not spoil your New Year or spill your morning coffee. If anything January 20 could do that! Ha! Or maybe not. Depends.

Happy New Year To All!

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