V. A. L. E. N. T. I. N. E. S.

Make Love Not Sex

V. A. L. E. N. T. I. N. E. S.
           Make Love Not Sex
V.   Vigor? No! It’s that gentleman Mister Vye Eygra
A.   Ask you did. All appearances consensual you thought? Risky my friend.
L.   Lust is a four letter word literally. Even if indulged in one’s mind.
E.   Eye contact is flirting. Flirting is dirty. Dirt is another four letter word.
N.   No is a simple one syllable word actually is two like in “No... Yes... please”.
      Easily misunderstood in the heat of a foreplay when mental capacity has
      diminished and physical cues are palpable.
T.   Till consent is asked and given you are looking at rape and jail time.
       Death in other cultures. Hard to prove consent was given.
I.    Innocent. No such thing. Assault it is till you prove there was a “Come and
     get it, have at it” situation.
N.   Never do sex. Make love. Romance once was something felt mutually
      comforting but is now in limbo. So beware.
E.   Enjoy what? When touching is molesting and eye contact is assault
     because there was no consent? Keep your hands in your pocket!
S.   Sex used to be one of many ways to express love, a passionate
     expression. A beautiful thing with lovers. There is nothing better than sex,
     so it is said. But over time it seems to lose its appeal. Especially so today.
     It’s not the “nothing better” part of love anymore. There are more things
     better than sex like for example giving “respect” which by the way is another
     way of expressing your love especially when you make love. It could be a
     beautiful thing again, sex, when there is mutual respect. So get busy,
     respect one another, “Make Love not sex”. Happy Valentines!
                                   * * *
Photo: ndr

Poem written on 1.10.2018. Not in any way trivializing the #’s movement currently playing out. At best this poem is an acrostic fantasy except for the last prose on “S”.

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