Winged Fire


Winged Fire
Sweet loud noises of longing the cicadas sing
The air pregnant with love trees swaying in heat
Songs filtered to soothing cello strains wisping
A lavender smoke a come kiss me melody
Into eternity the offerings out of the earth again
Repeat in finite time foreshadowing a life immortal
Stars cast a white light across the dark universe
Radiant heat flame throwing solar winds purveying
Life sustaining primordial elements along canyons
And hollows of the sky the energies flowed absorbed
Stimulate the death valleys deserts seeded to bloom
A white shadow heavenly broken into color wheels of life
We bid time under the Sun frolic on Earth our Olympus
Straddle the pendulum of life live through the seesaws
Emptied of our bodies our souls sing like the cicadas
Wings spread songs of bright and faint cries of light
Echo into the twilight our souls sparkle like angelic fireflies
Seeking love yearning once more to touch be touched
Dwell into cells the celestial stars had kissed sown
Extend life’s journey to eternity reborn a Star a Winged Fire
                                          *  *. *
Photo: Stars, mdia grab.
YouTube: Fireflies

Alitaptap is Tagalog (Filipino) for firefly. Come twilight time back home in
Manila when I was a little boy and with my brothers and friends we wait for
them to show up. And they did not disappoint. They knew we were waiting.
They twinkle around us, do flying dances and land on our shirts and hands.
A couple we collect in a jar and show to our parents. Yes the Winged Fire now
I call them. It was such a joy, a very pleasant memory of my youth. I still see
them here in the States and they bring a smile to my face.
Fireflies like the cicadas have a very short time to propagate. Thus the songs
and the fire dance they do to attract their mates, lay eggs and die. Doing this
for eons somehow they achieve immortality. Not unlike our souls in their quest
for a new life, emptied of the vessel a new one awaits.
Please check out the firefly video, thank you.

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