Zeus Hope

Zeus Hope
Zeus thunders straight across
The sea over the deep indigo horizon
Triggers the sun to rise
Into a glorious day after dawn
As the twilight caresses the now old rose sea
And kisses the shores feathering into sands
A new beginning
To a brighter day
To a sunny cerulean sky
Zeus on his throne nodding
A sweeter world blossoms humming
He hears from the birds in the bushes
To the jungles in the tropics
Echoing songs in the forests
The morning metropolis rush
The mind jagging screeches  of the subways
The shower after a morning jog
To the tap water in the kitchen
The bells and whistles of the teapot
Coffee brewing
Percolating at times
The crisp turning pages of the news print
A symphonic beehive earth sound
The awakening of life on earth
Roosting in familiar refuge gardens of eden
Apples everywhere and serpents are abundant alike
Not unlike in Pandora’s box
Zeus waits for the sun to set
Calm the horizon after dusk
Into loving embraces of procreations
The hope Zeus left inside the box that now dwells in the hearts of humankind
Photo: Pinterest

Get busy loving. Hope is there everywhere in everything in everyone. In Pandora’s box.

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