Raindrops of pain from the past make it hard to visualize the rainbow of the present and the pot of gold in the future.
Lies whispered from the past make it difficult to interpret the trues of today and the promises made for tomorrow.
Nightmares from the past make for smaller dreams in the present which is equivalent to less accomplishments in the future.
Irresponsibility of the past make for unprepared parent of today who raise the misguided youth of tomorrow.
Obstacles on the path from the past provide the strength for the present and the wisdom for our grandkids of the future.
Bad decisions from the past make up the karma of today and better judgment for tomorrow.
Trying from the past leads to the failure of today, eventually leading to success in the future.
Violent patterns from the past represent dysfunctional and abusive relationships of today  leading to inflation of divorce for tomorrow.
For every action from the past it causes the present to be rendered as is and will soon affect your future.


Everyday there is a lesson to be learned.
Make you tomorrow better by learning from the past


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