(What Happened?)
We were young yesterday,
And tomorrow is another day.
We were two cool cats that eats no rat.
Hatred was thin and love was so fat.
We had one piece of mind because our heads were not yet broken,
Truth did got swollen?
How jealousy did became so obese?
Our faith became upside down when the world rolled its eyes
We are now living an earthquake,
Was it our dream that made our lives a nightmare?
Age is just a number,
A fetus sleeps with a plumber.
Unborn children became parents.
Abortion always in motion with our final decision.
Our country got blind and the future has no more vision.


Im trying to show my anxiety on how life had changed our behaviours and conducts. In history life was great but introduction to modern things like technology swallowed our true self, we are not the same anymore.

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Robert L. Martin
casi 5 años

We have become too lazy and too complacent, and technology is eating me alive. Good poem

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