is a controversial subject. Why would you even want one...? But that question is for those to answer who decide to take on that endeavor...

There are only two ways, really, to capture one, unicorn that is. The first method involves a rope woven out of gold thread, and honeyed words. There is a place in those enchanted woods, a meadow where she takes refuge for the night, go there. Sit with your golden rope and let her hear those words of adoration for her person. You see, unicorns are vain creatures and if they feel lonely enough they are apt to fall prey to flattery. And if you are exceptional at the art of telling ‘sweet nothings,’ in a moment of weakness she might become careless and show herself. You won’t recognize her though for what she is, for those thoughts of false flattery will cloud your mind, all you’ll probably see is a pretty white mare. But if you like what you see and if you’re quick with the rope, throw it around that pretty neck, it will hold. There is a drawback to this method: you’ll never know what you have for you won’t See her in her true form; and she would die in such captivity, wilt like a daylily, if she doesn’t find a way to tear herself free of the binds. And if she manages to escape with her life, she will never make this same mistake again. All in all this method of capturing such a wondrous creature would be called ill-advised and half-witted at best.

The second method requires pure intentions, a kind and keen heart, a beautiful mind, and infinite patience. If you’re in possession of those qualities and you’ve answered the question of why you’re on such a quest, go to that meadow at dusk. Place yourself right in the middle of that open space, for that is the spot where she comes to rest every night. Sit or stand, it makes no difference, but open your heart. Without a word, without a sound let your pure intentions fly out and greet her (she is there, in close proximity, watching, make no mistake). Be still, and be prepared to stay that way for you know not how long, for unicorns are exceptionally cautious and  shy, she might take all the time in the universe to show herself. But once she does you’ll be able to truly See her, and the moment you do you’ll be overcome with an otherworldly feeling. You can try in vain to name it, that feeling, you will come short in all your efforts, for what will overpower you from inside out and sear every molecule of your being will flood your mind with... as I said you can’t really name it. Without reservations let her feel what you feel, let her breath in the air you exhale, let her see the agony in your eyes, let her in. Let her become transfixed as her pensive, naive gaze searches out yours, let her come to you, closer, closer... As she comes within an arm’s reach, make no sudden movements; that horn will easily pierce the heart or slash the jugular if she is spooked. Close your eyes as she brings her delicate, dainty head next to yours, as she puts it on your shoulder; and as she does, ever so slowly put your arms around her neck, bury your fingers in her mane, feel her muscles quiver under your touch. Feel time stop. Feel everything stop. She will stay with you this way seemingly for an eternity while the stars and the moon spin out of control above your head. You will never know whether you’ve succeeded in capturing her, or she you. Just know this: when she is ready to go, be ready to release her from your embrace. She will die as an unwilling captive, as you very well know. But as you find the courage to let her go, she will find the courage to let you capture her again.

©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

A bit of a cryptic story and will likely not resonate with most readers. The true meaning behind it will have to stay a mystery. But one can take away from it the beauty and rapture that can be found in the human soul, beauty that transcends our every day mundane world and crosses over into a fourth dimension of the mythical, spiritual, the world where we see stars for more than giant balls of gas billions of lightyears away...

Unicorn, love

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Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 6 years

Thank you, Cory :-)

Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 6 years

Have you ever read 'The Last Unicorn'? It's a dream, is all it is...

Cory Garcia
almost 6 years


almost 6 years

Hi Olga,are you the Unicorn?

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