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Olivia Grace Frederick


Love kills
Like a cigarette to my lips
Yours slowly ruin me
Butterflies infest my stomach like the smoke within my lungs
It’s hurting but it’s working
Permanently damage and scar my past with your presence
I need you in my life
Because I’m addicted to...
Bundles of appreciation
Pockets of infatuation
I live for mounds of dedication
Would kill for some reciprocation
Just don’t read the small print
WARNING: Danger of tears
Danger of naivety, self loathing
When my cigarette burns out
I’ll reach in my pocket for more
I have no idea when all of this will end
But you’re worth dying for

You don’t belong among the dead, middlemist red
Rosey petals don’t fall with such grace around here
You make the silence beautiful
Peaceful in a churchyard of pain
Don’t be afraid to wilter when it rains
Pride comes with shame
Most believed they were worthy but never came close
Bleed red on your last day in the home of the ghost

Close my eyes and forget you
Forget you’re lurking
You’re always creeping
Stop thieving my sanity

I want to escape you
I’m chained to you like a prisoner of war
What is it you’re fighting for?
I’m fighting for freedom

Crush my hope
Watch it crumple in your fist
Eventhough you ruined my life
You’re not done with it

Are you apart of me now?
My blood on your hands
Is starting to feel like home
But home isn’t here

Noone can hear my screams
You own my mind and soul
Why should i fight for freedom?
when i have no control


Morning sunshine, talk to me
Brighten my windows like you do
I’ve been running full speed in the dark
Hoping I crash into you

Movements you make are imperfect
So i know fairytales are for the gullible
Touch me and i’ll touch you more
As long as we stay out of trouble

When a stranger comes along the curtains will close
But by then hurt will never hurt me
Because i feel you deeper than your clothes
When you tell me to say “Noone deserves me”

Morning Sunshine, talk to me
I know you’re there
Thank you for shedding light on the subject
I’m no longer living in a nightmare

A description of a saint on white plain
The handwriting appears bolder everyday
But it still blurs
These eyes are always wet
Swollen and red
Goosebumps, when you’re in my face
When your hands are on my waist
I’m obsessed with your taste
Besides all the pain...
I’m head over heels in love when you reign

Were all the same people
Who want the same thing at different times
We want to be infatuated
Live and breathe for each other in this mad world
No cheating, no lies
Were all desperately in search for an angel in a world full of destroyers
Sacrificing our own bodies to do so
And simply cheating ourselves
Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see them
Hear the beat of their wings sync with our hearts
Hear their voices echo our thoughts for a moment
But some angels are out of bounds
In locks and chains bounded by the hands of another
And the people cry...
The people cry

What did you learn from the ashes?
Fire burns in the city, burns to be listened too
I see you know the answers
When you attempt to be logical you just stutter and pause
Flames reflect in your eyes
In every effect there’s a cause
That’s no surprise
What did you learn from the misery?
Tears fall in the city, they yearn to be felt
I see you know the answers
When you decide to be logical a round of applause
Tears fall from the sky
In every effect there’s a cause
Can you tell me why?

Show me where I went wrong
Or even where I went right
I’m blinded by time and wrote a love note to my eyesight
Show me the front door key
Or even a place to hide
I’m drowning in reality and can’t fight the riptide
Show me how to laugh heartily
Or even how to speak truth
I’m spinning like a yoyo and my heart is dizzy too
Show me the light in the tunnel
Or even the answers to my questions
I’m losing balance when i live in this warped dimension

You’re hurting me
I spoke aloud from my mouth with a busted lip
I said you’re hurting me
The first hit collided with my faith
Smack bang in the face
The second thump knocked my confidence
Confidence in us and our future as well as myself
The third kick came and I felt at risk
I was never safe
Physically worn and mentally torn
You were my abuser from dusk till dawn
The fourth strike had me dizzy
Hope quietly left when you punched with your right
Droplets of blood stained the living room carpet
You’re killing me
The smell of alcohol was pungent
Burnt my nose and burnt the love I had for you in the beginning
I would scream so loud but you silenced me with the last blow
You hurt me
I hope the fear has mercy on our kids
The product of our love and observers of your tragic mistakes

Excuse my French, I’m not friends with this feeling
But I’ll curse at the gods if you fuck with my well-being
If you fuck my mind with all the hatred you obtain
I’ll cry fuck again and again till it sticks in your brain
So outrageously wrong in the eyes of the right
But I’ll say fuck when I’m blind because they stole my eyesight
I’ll say fuck now when I’m real and I’ve got energy to fight
Because you know no one gives a fuck when day turns to night

I’m just chillin’
Judge my posture and judge my motivation
You don’t know i’m willin’
Not alot on my plate
Well plates are overflowin’
I smell a screw loose
When i’m the centre of attention
Put me in detention
Apparently i’m not knowin’
You must be kiddin’
My secret’s that im growin’
What a conspiracy
I’m just chillin’
It’s called living room livin’...
I guess i’ll pack a bag and get goin’

Simple bare necessities
Or a sweet guilty pleasure
Classic home made remedies
Change my mind like the weather

Treats make the heart beat slower
Help me forget my worries
A relaxation takeover
Traditional luxuries...

Warm haven, take back what’s mine
Little joys are my saviour
In time thoughts will turn sublime
Tea and chocolate, loves flavour