To all the tired people

I am tired.
Tired of trying,
tired of hoping,
tired of coping,
tired of existing
Tired of breathing
Tired of living.
And so I want to say that I’m done.
Yes the saying goes that “sticks and stones may break my bones” but little do they know that the words still tear my skin apart.
But just how did it come to this?
What happened to that happy little girl who laughed at the smallest things.
But I still smile. Making sure to keep all my emotions on the inside because that’s the only place to hide.
I’m tired of pretending.
Because I really feel anxious and alone, fragile and tired, broken and always on the verge of tears but I cover it up by saying that I’m fine.
But it doesn’t work.
Unfortunately I forgive to easy to the people who hurt me. I miss people that I shouldn’t because I want to be whole again.
But I’m still okay.
I may be breaking on the inside and going insane, but really
I’m Fine.
I keep saying this because what I really want someone to do, is look me in the eyes and say
Tell Me The Truth.


Just about people who are tired of going through the motions.

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