Loud angry voices
emanating throughout
the land trying best
to think best about
what is best. Argue best.
Compromise best.
Vote best.
Protest best.
Budget best.
Profit best.
Discriminate best.
Peace best.
Be accurate best.
Be wrong best.
Be polite best.
Be offensive best.
But what about Israel?
And of Palestine?
But what about gender equality?
And of power?
But what about gun control?
And of mental health?
But what about media?
And of silence?
But what about her hair, his smile,
their fashion and customs?
And of acceptance?
But what about forever.
And of now? Of today?
Is today always shouting
for tomorrow?...
Yesterday! Look how grand
yesterday was!
Oh god, look how far
we’ve come!
Calmness rushes over the waterfall.
We all feel pain.
your voice,
your individuality,
that feeling in the morning when
you realize you’re awake,
that slight rumbling motion
your stomach makes when
you’re slightly hungry;
the sensation of loneliness,
the fear of death and loss of potential,
the love and affection felt
towards another,
the excitement felt when something
new is learned.
Remember these pleasantries
We are collaborative in mind, open to debate,
and rational in judgement.
And we are the great co-operators,
humanity is the greatest co-operator.
Divide us,
and find
our centers
with love.


Politics, But, what, about, Voice, Loud, United, Dissent, Poem, Poetry

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