Halloween Poetry (3): The Glass Window

Menacing clouds break thunder
with three snaps, and
the clock down the hall
strikes three chords
in the hallowed night.
I sat in the parlor
reading passages in Psalms
to ease my anxious composure.
Unable to pass into sleep
in an empty, master bedroom,
I spent my nights here.
My patience wore thin
with the rigid language
of the religious poetry
and I rose from my place
to put the book back on the shelf.
I was alone again.
Then… a sound.
A quiet tapping noise,
that of a knuckle
rapping on glass to get attention.
Three quick, sudden taps.
tap tap tap.
More curious than alarmed
I stumbled away from the shelf
and stood at the foot of
the giant glass window
overlooking the dark,
ominous mountainside.
Struggling to see anything
beyond three feet in the darkness,
I soon gave up and
returned to my chair.
Ten minutes went by,
I was inert and restless
in the midst of ticking clocks.
Even so, I did nothing.
Tortured by the desire
to move but frustratingly
hesitant to do so
for lack of motivation.
With my eyes
I investigated the large window
standing before me.
About eight feet wide and ten foot tall,
this glass wall was a prominent feature
of my library, giving a fantastic view
and usually illuminating the library
with natural brilliant light.
But tonight,
all I could see was darkness
in some kind of twisted anti-view.
It was less a window, more a
gaping shadowy doorway
to a black hole.
My eyes flickered to and fro,
trying to understand the utter darkness
of the glass display.
It was rather unusual…almost supernatural.
I was letting my guard down
when the tapping noise came once again.
Three taps, quicker than before.
“Who’s there!” I shouted,
an absurd question that grew
more out of me being startled
than assertive.
An icy cold tension suddenly entered the room.
Before I could react to the temperature
I froze in my place at the sight
of large golden eyes
floating ominously
in the blackness
They peered motionlessly at me,
studying me,
awaiting my reaction.
I could not move.
This time really paralyzed,
exerting myself but
experiencing no results.
Upon seeing me so encumbered
the creature rose and revealed
two ghastly white hands.
They had a human-shape about them.
Heavy warm breaths ushered out
in a malicious rhythm,
and I heard a terrible scraping sound
as I realized
the creature was grinding its fangs
in a terrible and intimidating display.
It wanted to come inside.
I ran to the door exiting the library
and attempted to turn the handle.
Locked! Why was it locked!
The handle was resistant
to my desperate attempts
as I tried my best to escape.
The sounds of clocks grew absurdly loud,
deafening by any normal standard.
I continued to struggle at the doorway
as I started to feel warm heavy breathes
on my neck,
almost as if the creature had gotten inside…
I turned around to fight
and was dumbfounded as
I realized everything had returned to normal
and I had been over-reacting
from the get-go.
I looked at the window
to see that the creature
was nowhere in sight.
The eyes had vanished
and all I could hear was the sound
of clocks ticking around me.
It was as if nothing had happened.
Indeed…nothing had happened.
It was merely an odd dream.
Even so, I tip-toed
towards the glass,
but gave up halfway once I realized
that I still wouldn’t be able to see
A heavy sensation of sleep
suddenly called to me
as my eyes became incredibly drowsy
and I could do little to fight back.
Staggering back to my chair
I collapsed into a comfortable position
and was about to fall asleep
until, right at the very last second,
I felt three taps on the back of my head.
tap tap tap
and I realized
that the glass window before me
was never actually there that night.


I really outdid myself here. I hope it was entertaining enough to warrant the length

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