I wish my memories were translated to song.
Reflections of my life,
entranced in melody,
I wonder how they would sound.
The music of my memories...
the operatic sounds which would
be my undoing, which would
be my muse of nostalgia...
which would make me
almost want to remember.

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Isabella Koldras
quasi 4 anni

...amazing how many songs from our past bring back a moment(s) in time...just a few notes to conjure up the spirit of the past experience we keep dear in our hearts...and..."almost want to remember"...want to sing...Thought-inspiring verse. Love it!

quasi 4 anni

Life would be a great big symphony, a note played for every emotion..

Robert L. Martin
circa 4 anni

Some beautiful melody to remind you of the good times, or a dixieland tune to remind you of all the fun you had.

circa 4 anni

@Parker Jennings: Sorry Parker, that's not a fantasy. Rather it is a nightmare.

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