Fire and Water
rinses and rises
as a dutiful procedure.
Felt within,
a waterfall of fire
drenching my humanness
with much-needed experience.
An ocean growing inside,
let it happen,
I open my eyes
and lose myself
with the undertow.
Pulling me towards myself.
Pulling, pulling, pulling
and carrying me away
to the unknown.
A dark, vast ocean
of my personality.
I dive underwater
to witness the coral reef of my fear,
rich with elk horn coral, schools of fish
and carnivorous eels hiding with spying eyes.
They tend to eat me
every time I turn my back.
Afterwords I float past
my crater of ambition,
spewing molten magma
calmly but ferociously,
unending and unabiding
to the environment around it.
It has its part; it is purposeful.
Eventually I drift through
the undersea cave
of uncertainty,
stifling through the stalagmites
and tites
until I reach the luminous cavern
of my anger.
It is filled with treasure,
the walls bleed a certain red
and music abounds through
the rich oxygen in abundance.
It is released in pressured spurts,
creating a purplish whirlpool
that keeps everything
in a constant motion
until it is sucked away forever
into the core of the unknown.
The last place I will have to visit.

submerge, new, poem, ocean, water, fire, parker, jennings, free, verse, experience, journey, voyage, underwater, sea, cave, dive, diving, waterfall

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