If there was anything that mattered,
I would hold hope
that the very thing
would be me.
Profitably me.
Physically me.
Healthily me.
specifically me.
How I want
the descendents
to take record of
my actions, my
self-worth and
my philosophy.
How I want to make an impact
upon others.
But not at the expense of you.
Trust that my voice
would do nothing
to drown yours.
See, when I talk of my own success
I fear that others cower and are
because of my competition.
And it is unfair,
to be sure,
but please
take my philosophy
and adopt it
as your own.
We’ll be friends
and write poems
We will take history
and render it
unto us.
I will be your savior
and you will be mine.
Please be mine.
And know
we’ve all struggled
with success and narcissism
in a time.
In a time
such as this.
But you will be mine.
Know that
I will be yours
and you
will be mine.

Totally wrote this while drunk ;)

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about 5 years

Hhhhmmm! I'm wondering how many beers...

At my age, I'm wasted after three
Incapable to write a rhyme or two
But perhaps for a person such as me
Poems sans rhymes, will be good too.

BTW I like your drunk poem.

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
about 5 years

Thanks Vic. Hell I think it might be time again to write some rhyming poems. It's been a while.

Oh, I think I wrote this poem after a jager bomb and four beers. At that stage I can only type my poems as my handwriting becomes unreadable.

about 5 years

So many rich lines here:
"I will be your savior
and you will be mine."
that's definitely is my favorite one. I also like the mirrored "In a time" work there.

Nice drunk writing friend haha.


Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
about 5 years

Haha thanks. The drunk writing is a specialty of mine :)

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