You must be you. Truly.
Inner truth, intuition, unrepentant voice
that sings the songs of days for days.
I will hear that greatness, let us hear it.
Rising to the world,
floating on an authentic dream.
I see that this life is but a dream,
and being is to be all that's there to be.
I wait for thee. Standing by
the mountains in spring, nature
as witness to our meetings. Talks
of the past, present and future selves.
We are but trees planted in the morning sun. Weathered by storm, refreshed by spring, resoundingly alive or dead as it may seem.
I live on that dream. We breathe vision, picture our steps towards unknown shores, and become alive in the reflection. A life well lived, the only way.
May you bask in that freedom. May you find yourself beyond yourself, that bag of bones, and see the actions you reap
in the waters of chance that surround you. May you meet destiny with waking eyes, and dream the dream of the righteous. And lastly, may you be you, till the you is you no more

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