Young and Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n’ Roll kept me up nights
until the morning lights of the next day
became battered reminders of accosted brights
that threw itself on my near-awake heavenly stay.
Scrreeeeccchhhh! Long, Angry Yell emanated
from the guitar strings ringing in my inner ears.
The ringing reminded why the deathly felt satiated,
Alone and away from their nightly fears.
I was awake. Alive!
Reminder, I was also alive the night before.
But now it’s a new day, time to survive!
Yesterday’s apocalyptic promises kindly held my door.
Oh slow down before you vacate.
Too violent to start off this way,
as rock inspirations start to stagnate
and I die young before I’m ready to stay.


'n' Music, Rock Youth, alive night, roll,

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