23 is for telling of the others before
22 is a good one to find
21 is in the counting, registered gun
20 times if added right, will come back light
19 penny loafers for sale
18 is just not in the game
17 left for Illinois –while
16 reserved seats and then destroyed
15 winking while stopping a ride to town
14 relives it again, with good intentions
13 is a little extra, pudding in the making
12 sounds like two times ten, eating hen
11 if your into heaven, send one ahead
10 after eating the big fat hen, we penned
9 was just another way to say no
8 is backwards and don’t want to say it
7 straightened up to find eleven rhyming
6 was never a favorite, stinking all the time
5 the petals of the flower to count on
4 they set the lure on the other side of the door
3 decided to play with monkeys  –while
2 sat by and tried to snore and
1 just sung the notes she know

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