farmer bald day

a convitare of  pastries and tea
ricevimento of the package
a little ballo on skates
picking the paint off the fence
to place in the box and wrap
with your hair, as the bow
releases the arrow
and you let go
of the dream
that you dreamed
only you keep having it
skipping to the beat of the record
a little bump will smooth the butter
so the words can dance
a beautiful vignette
wrapped with bacon
covered over with tapioca
with the low hush coming from the corner
what will they think?
as the hairs seem to glisten
and time just continues over the cliff
in hopes of faith catching up to it
the further i am, there you are
the fleece as you have desired
laid out ready to take its place
in the hall, where the
cream dripped off your lip
and you smiled

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