last night

it’s the sound of a greeting card
taped up to be displayed
as if to say something
as a greeting card would try to convey
it’s message to the receiver
only it’s a screeching kinda greeting
the one that gets your attention in
the wee hours of the morning
annoying the ones that come in contact
longing only to hear it’s words
if it had any
maybe it’s the fans fault,
yeah, the fan made me do it,
in the afternoon when it was hot
to hot for the fan
as it’s hot plastic drips from the ceiling
the glue on the envelope tries
to put it into perspective
they enjoy telling you, that you
cant eat while laying on your back.
and as you were pulling in– you read
—we moved: to Alaska -
to get true omega 3's and 6's
and if the bear eats me
then that is better

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