letter play

if only the words were as real as the letters
a b c can tell it right from left
the j from the the k
fifty years gone by
with out the b finding it’s way
back to where it started
looking over t’s shoulder
u wonders what went wrong
as s hisses ahead
leaving a trail of steam
to sort through and stack
in piles, not in any order
scrambled in a way
that circles make sense
and bills get paid to the dollar
of the blue collar
because green lost is courage
and yellow turned belly up
floating on the letters it
tied together to make a word
to ride on or in
the boat  ate the oats
and blamed the goats
because the beginning wasn’t
any different from the end
they each had a letter
to be penned
while chasing the dot
through the letters
hoping to caught
the right ones and place
in the right order
forming the word in clay
turns to stone

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