Never realized feeling worth it served a purpose.
Not until my curses surfaced.
If you were kind enough to give me a sentence, then I would serve it.
In finding out where to begin I would digress.
Listening to this loudly beating heart inside my chest.
Nervously shaking inside, though I keep my motions emotionless so the tremors never dare to catch your eye.
I tried nine times tonight, to hide my stolen glances.
Making sure my eagerness to be blessed, didn’t hurt my chances.
Of being where I need to be.
Wondering what you think of me.
Nevertheless I need to see
A welcome reprieve from the ease of being easily defeated.
Driving a hearse to feel alive.
If I wasn’t faltering in step,
Then I would certainly find a way to survive.
But as I said before, I digress.
Calm is now the beating heart inside my chest
If my memory serves me now, I know that I am blessed.
Cause the memories I keep are better than a dream.
They hold more significance and joy than all the rest.


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