I’ve been practicing self service since the birthing of this turgid excursion.
I’ve known angels who’s purpose is to lift you out of worthlessness,
and devils who revel in leading you to become worthless.
I’ve tasted the reality inducing bitterness of gunpowder as it simultaneously enters the blood,
and sits on the tongue, just in case you were able to ignore the lead burning in your stomach.
I’ve felt the touch of a loved one on my face through the veil of opiation,
and seen the face of love through the haze of surgical sleep as it left me stupified...
Awestruck at the sight of so many, and so much that I didn’t think I deserved.
I breathe to remind myself of these things,
lest I forget I am blessed to have one more day among the angels.
The loved ones who make this world worth the trip.


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