from the book 'Ruptures and Fragments'

Ruptures and Fragments
With each reflection, your face splits, divides,
multiplies into a thousand faces: sharp,
round, piercing, halting, tilting.
They fight one another.
They feed on each other,
conspire in crowds,
laugh, giggle, charm,
shifting to one side.
Always unfaithful,
they have no concept of monogamy,
nor fidelity to the self.
Their captivating faces, their sunken eyes,
seek nothing. Shattered into a mosaic,
you dissect piece by piece, arranging,  
but they never fit.
They were never really a fragment of your world,
but a rupture of another.
In seeking
you threw away the many faces, the many colours.
At last, unified with your true face, that hid in innocence,
resided in patience, never thought to abandon you.


the fight within

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