William Carlos Williams (Sep 17, 1883 - Mar 04, 1963)


Kendra Danielle
Kendra Danielle

I am a very interesting person. I have been through hell and back, but I have decided to continuously go forward. I have been abused sexually, physically, and emotionally and I am a living testimony t...   hace alrededor de 1 año



Poemas de William Carlos Williams
(leer al azar)

ALL those treasures that lie in the little bolted b …
Mightier than the room of the stars, being secret a …
All those treasures—I hold t...

When I am alone I am happy.
The air is cool. The sky is
flecked and splashed and wound

Even in the time when as yet
I had no certain knowledge of her

WHERE shall I find you—
You, my grotesque fellows
That I seek everywhere

SOFT as the bed in the earth
Where a stone has lain—
So soft, so smooth and so cool,

I bought a dish mop—
having no daughter—
for they had twisted