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Beau A.M. Standen

I'm no good at biographies but I'll try my best :) <--- 1st fault, don't start a biography intro like this haha. I live in Australia, Queensland, my house is beautiful and my overseas girlfriend Denise is stunning. I enjoy life but find myself often contradicting, stressing, feeling anxious, sad and all that blah, I do however find a way to convince myself I'm sane haha :P My extraordinarily adorable lamb Denise AKA Bubba Goofe :P keeps me company along with my lil' gingerino cat Smurf, who relieves me from freaking out about the dark :P My family has always been social sometimes it's tiring a frustrating and dysfunctional but we're all lovely social butterfly's, probably the reason I like partying and BBQ, plus I'm a nautical garbage bin. I prefer to be alone because I have adapted to being alone for a majority of my life, I'm an only child, but I dislike being so far away from my princess. Being lonely for so long has allowed me to build character and a strong flow from the chaotic right lobe. I enjoy fine, bold and detailed art, I dislike industrial and overly dramatic art (although I'm dramatic myself I would not like to live with myself haha that would be it irritating :P I also enjoy gaming both board games and electronic, I am an avid player of Minecraft, I hate pop music and enjoy folk, hip hop, alternative, 70's rock, Reggae, psychedelic garage, indie rock, Jack Johnson, Queen, The Beatles, Blink 182, Bright Eyes Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Darwin Deez, The Jungle Giants, All Day and lot's of indie rock bands, Tribal seeds, Bob Marley (I'm no hipster) Music is important. I like fantasy books, cartoons, Starwars, The Muppets, Adventure Time (oh but everyone like adventure time, Bing Bang Theory, Destroying Noobs :) I also take an interet in meta physics, philosophy and caring for people. My poems are like me spontaneous, created from a small phrase, idea, song, atmosphere, emotion, so I'm more of an observant poet or a sponge :) But I only want to spark exactly what made me create poems, setting a mental scene or state of mind or cluster of thoughts :)