Today I have accepted my own flaws,
And found peace in giving up my mental laws,
All my, Do this’ and Don’t do that’s,
Dwelling on all the things I lack.
To dream these dreams...
Of flights unseen over, under, and in between,
I’m going, flowing and growing through,
So many trials and errors, lies and truths.
I except my self and the things I’ve done,
I release the thoughts kept in my minds isolation,
So I think I’ll visit my dreams and tell them it’s ok,
Because I accepted my own flaws today.


A poem I wrote when I was 19 and going through some hard times, an attempt to lift myself up. I think it's helped more over the years then when I first wrote it.


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about 6 years

You are the first to respond to my first posted poem on poeticous.... thank Amanda, you have my attention.

Amanda Laughman
about 6 years

deep stuff, that goes for all your poems.


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