A thousand times again

I’ve had to let go a thousand times.
Put the weight down off my shoulders -
just to pick it up again.
I saw the dreams I manifested fall on
the lap of others.
Like sand falling through my grasp.
I wondered if this is what Karma was.
So I set upon a journey to right all my wrongs.
I was being taught to be patient.
To enjoy the time in between.
To accept that things may change.
I tried to make peace with the past.
I humbly asked who would like to join this
journey with me.
If not I’ll dust off my boots, and climb to see the view.
What if the trees aren’t there, what If you are with someone new.
Watching your life from a distance I climb.
As the clouds lift and recover a blue mountainous view,
I realize my problems are as small as me.
I climbed all the way with or without the weight on my shoulders.
With or without you.
I became proud of the weight, as it made my legs sturdy,
and my body agile and my heart strong.
Yet I still saved a seat, for whomever.
As this view is not just for me.

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