I’m in my phase where I’m above it all!
Laugh it off because,
nothing’s wrong...
It’ll hit me soon.
The realization,
the excessive questions
I ask myself.
Then I’ll sink deep into it,
get lost in it.
Sinking sand,
a good song turned bad...
Bleed my ears out.
I see everything without a doubt.
I don’t like being sucked in.
Either way, I’m never there.
I just don’t want to really care.
We spend our lives waiting,
for the moon and the stars.
We will never see them...
The city lights drive them,
and our souls away.
We are stupid...
Always waiting...
There will never be,
a pot of gold at the end of anything.
Not even a rainbow.
Shall I doubt till I believe ?
Shall I doubt till I see?
Please tell me.

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