left unsaid

life is just a series of open-ended conversations.
things that are left unsaid, questions left unanswered.
/waiting and waiting.
prolonged eye contact is one of the most underrated things.
it’s when you and another person feel comfortable enough to break /the barrier of casual conversation.
it becomes so much more than that because now you have
peeled back a layer that was masking a true feeling.
/it is the unspoken word, that you see and you do not feel.
the anticipation of each other’s thoughts becomes this boiling sensation of regret for what is not said, and what might be said.
/or what will never be? or what might be.
the unanswered question that spurs the waiting, and waiting.
the universe will bring you back to the people you are meant to /see. it’ll give you that push, but the rest is up to you.
fate is the car, but not the steering wheel.

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