prayer to the universe_affirmation poem

I keep repeating the past in new forms,
can you release me from this destiny.
I want to be released from the prison of my own thoughts.
I need the strength to carry on through.
I know my reality is a reflection of my thoughts,
I just struggle to control them– to see the truth.
So here are some words of affirmation, to help not only me but all of you too.
To anyone who struggles with their inner self talk (repeat this to yourself)
I am in control
I am aligned with everything around me
I am on the right path even if I don’t see it yet
I attract positivity in my life
My past does not dictate my future
I don’t chase I attract
I am one with everything around me
I am capable of maintaining positive relationships
Whoever leaves my life was not meant for me
What is meant for me will find me
Everything is, and will be okay
Minor set backs will not get in my way
I trust myself
I deserve to be listened to, to be heard, and to be answered
I do not deserve to be ignored
I deserve and gift respect to others
I am on the right path
Everything will unravel according to plan
I attract love abundance and wealth
I attract positive relationships
I deserve honesty, trust and loyalty in my relationships
I am okay
Being me is okay

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