We fall

The world doesn’t always spin in the direction we think it will,
And metaphorically we fall.
We get caught off guard because we expect too much of this world we live in,
Expect nothing.
I know happiness is only real when shared but it's too hard to look for,
It’s genuine when you just wait and happiness creates itself.
As you wait you make yourself happy alone.
I’m not happy I’m just sick of being sad,
So I’ll keep going on with life,
As if I’m a stable rock in a stream and everything is flowing past me.
I can not see or hear or really experience anything,
I’m here but not really,
I can see, but not the same way you do,
I feel but not the same way you do.
I realize that no matter how close you are with someone you are always alone,
Get used to being alone now,
Because when people walk out of your life into a world that you are uncertain of,
It’ll hurt less.
I’m not heartless,
I’m not clueless,
I’m not numb,
But I shield myself from this bitter reality,
Because in this world it’s the survival of the fittest
And I’m not fit enough to survive,
So I hide.
You may see me but I’m not really there,
That may explain my blank stares.
Do not be afraid,
It’s for the best,
It’s how you deal with loneliness.

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