Poems by Richard Eggenberger (Narad)

Richard Eggenberger is a highly regarded poet and author of numerous works on spiritual themes. Horticulturist, opera singer, musician, and tropical plant specialist, his Handbook on Plumeria Culture is a classic. He received his spiritual name, Narad, “The Heavenly Singer” from the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India. Even as a child, around the age of two or three, I was in love with the earth and recall the delight I felt as I touched her heart. Innocent and gleeful, I smelled the richness of the grass, the pure air and the sonorities of the singing brook. One might ask how it is possible that young child could remember such things but I would answer, “Was this my first visit to earth?” I have presentiments of births in ages past and lives in foreign lands, no less real than today in India and the U.S.