A Message for the Young

Sitting in the shade of a giant maple tree was a boy and his grandfather.  He listened intently to gather what wisdom came from that seasoned mind that has accumulated many thoughts and experiences through the years.  The old man had tears in his eyes as he reminisced about his days gone by.  
You, with your whole life to be lived; cherish the moments that you have, for they shall pave the way into your future.  The symphony that you composed today shall be played with the same gusto that you dreamed about.  The sweetness or the bitterness of it will depend upon your outlook on life and your willingness to follow your dreams.  It will set the tone of the music and match the mood of your
Time is on your side.  It waits for you and echoes back what you put into it.  If you abuse it, it will abuse you.  The balance of life equals out with the weight of giving and taking.  If you take everything there is and give nothing in return, you will starve someone of their rightful inheritance.  The voice of the spirit is your guardian that shines a light for you.
Since old age does not have time on its side, it can only relive it through you who have your life ahead of you still.  Their satisfaction is seeing you achieve your goals that you have set.
As the chronicles of time run their course, your body will lose its luster, but your curiosity will find the wisdom that life offers you.  It will stop the pain of waiting for old age to tranquilize you.  It will move you to feel the passion of life through your enthusiasm for it.
The chronicles of time are not a curse written upon your brow, but a higher consciousness that wipes away that curse and rewards you for your aspirations.  Time reveals to you the culmination of your dreams as the result of your trials and tribulations from them.
You, young and spirited today, shall be kings and queens of tomorrow, rest assured, if you wish fervently enough.

Featured in "Pegasus Review."

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