A Precious Resonance

A precious resonance echoed within me,
A tolling that brought the spirits to me,
A golden sound that clung to my spine,
A spiritual sanctification from the Gods,
A lingering that lingered not long enough,
A dream of my heart and fruit of sorrow,
A sweet nectar from the fields of pleasure,
A warming to the icy veins that run inside,
A replacement of life to the mortal spirit,
A clarification of the meaning of life,
A lust for life to go beyond my years,
A brook that found its way to the sea,
A mother lode unveiled from its secrecy,
A rainbow that found its way to my visions,
A sound that crawled up my spine,
A mystic journey that found my heart,
A soft landing that sang to me in verse,
A lust for this artistic pleasure to linger on,
A vow to keep my allegiance to it,
A music that transported me to heaven,
A passion that guided me along the way,
A lullaby that soothed my anxious thoughts,
A resonance that spoke to me in tomes,
A primal language from the halls of sound,
A new awakening from the freshest melodies,
And a desire to keep them
Flowing through my veins.
Precious melodies, precious resonance,
Do no forsake me.
Live in my heart for as long as you can.

I love music that has floating chords in it, not the usual 1 - 5- 1 progressions, but chords at random that blend into each other, not abruptly, but smoothly, with plenty of modulations, pushing the melody in different directions.

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