My brother, my sister, my equal,
You of high esteem and most relevant,
You in a place before me in the world,
A place that we share in our hearts,
Of greater anticipation and yearning,
My heart throbs in your hands.
My arms become your arms.
Our feet that carry us together as one,
Take us to the summit on the high hill,
A hill that calls us to approach and climb
With voices of the wind that wind around,
That lifts us over the jagged cliffs,
That leads us to a place in paradise,
Of golden sunsets and cool summer rains,
You and me together as one.
Go before me, my brother,
For where you go I am also going.
We sing a song of faith together,
A song that the angels bring to our ears,
A song that binds two spirits together,
Yours and mine of the brothers of the earth,
Of the sons of the seasons surrounding,
Of the family that swirls around the sun,
The daughters of the pink sunrises
And the path of the traveling sun,
The murmuring of the brooks,
The eagle’s nest up through the clouds,
The flying fish that play with the waves,
The tempest that leaves a rainbow for us,
We see together because we arrive together,
As you and me of equal importance,
Climb together as a family of the earth,
Over velvet path with our names
Engraved in ancient corridors.
Go before me my brother,
As we both shall arrive together.

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Robert L. Martin
presque 2 ans

Looking forward to seeing you, my friend.

Nelson D Reyes
presque 2 ans

I have reserved my accommodations. I fully expect to see you up there and all the friends and family that we had and have on earth. And I fully expect many surprises too.

It would be the grandest Reunion for anyone who has made a reservation.

Love this one. Thanks Robert.

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