Adrenaline Beasts of mortal glamor,
navigating the inferno rivers of Sheol,
who live in our dark side,
rising up through our veins
in the throes of another’s pain,
another someone’s tears,
bringing pleasure to our senses,
bringing us to gloat over his agony,
digging holes in our conscience
with their diabolic shovels,
twisting our minds,
laughing at our newly acquired
demented thoughts,
our new us that we became,
living outside our conscience,
the stranger within us,
swimming in the adrenal waters,
emerged in the glory of pain,
looking away from it all,
coming out of our new self,
looking back at what we became,
victims of the adrenal beast
from the dark side of us,
the side that gives us pleasure
to see another’s pain.

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