Man and animal are not so different  The law of the jungle is ingrained in their soul  Animals of inferior strength are consumed by the superior ones  Until they share the same pasture  due to their familiarization  they will always remain enemies

Man of inferior power is enslaved by the superior one  One of the other kind is the enemy  The lesser known about him fortifies the boundary between them and increases the hated  Through hatred  man is only an object  Objects are impersonal
Man of a different stature and color is always misunderstood  estranged  and degraded  therefore  he becomes his superior  Through reasoning and intimacy  he can see himself through that stranger  His ingrained  animalistic prejudices will gradually subside  and his heart will open up to him in time  It is his moral duty to make that happen  Since the power of love is so domineering  the duty becomes congenial  To become familiarized with that stranger is to realize that his enemy is just like him

From then on  Dr  Martin Luther King s dream of unification and harmony will be fulfilled

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Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

It seems hard and yet so easy, yet still it seems so easy and yet so hard for some, for many to let go of biases, both in favor and against.
Exactly, until that time we animals fully recognize the other animal as an equal in every universal way/attribute that we happened to be, MLK’s dream remains a dream.
My fingers remained crossed that we all let go of the prejudices.
Like. Thanks Robert. Very timely in today’s social environment.

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Nelson D Reyes

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