Aerial Slaves

Clouds of supple forming,
slaves of the whimsical winds,
moldings of the hot and cold,
sculptors of the unsettled skies,
the cathartic rants of the tempest,
the artistic lines in its face,
the lazy drifting of the stillness,
the soothing of the
sweaty palms,
obedient to the many moods,
children of the busy air,
playing beneath the
outskirts of heaven
on sacred playgrounds,
molded by the celestial breath
of the tyrannical sky master,
the aerial streams of the seasons
flowing beneath the outer spaces,
slaves of the higher authority,
obedient to their commands,
slaves of the slaves of the slaves,
the mythical tyrants,
the magic wands,
the stillness enthralled,
the sound of silence,
the music of the spheres,
the deep heavens,
the imaginary life,
the intimacy
with the living,
the traveling on and on
and on and on...........

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