Another World

After the heavy sun splashed into the sea with all its might on its journey into the night, and Mother Nature put all her weary loyal subjects to rest, I knelt down beside my bed praying that God will move me into his world, where my thoughts burst into view and become clearer to me.  He answered by revealing nature’s many secrets to me.
I could now hear the singing of the brooks and the language of the birds.  The peace that overtook me soothed my anxieties and lifted the veil that covered up my senses.
I could feel God’s hand opening the book of wisdom for me to peruse, and his smiles that encouraged me to let it become part of me.  My new self will still live in the terrestrial world, but my thoughts will elevate themselves to a celestial one.
My muddled thoughts kept me imprisoned by earthly ideals, but I was always looking for a way out, to break free.  It taught me to accept what is mediocre and reject what is refined.  I was comfortable but spiritually unfilled, happy but yet not happy.
Since I am a writer, I have to seek out a new world that lets my spirit run free.  I have to lose myself and look for God’s hand to steer my pen in the right direction.
I have to differentiate what belongs in both worlds.  I have to feel pain and pleasure but not let them control me.  I have to use their influence in order to write about them.  I am somewhere suspended between heaven and earth.  I am attached to one of them pretending to be disassociated with them both.
If I let God take over and guide me through my rationalizing, he will always sympathize with me and clarify my thoughts for me.  All wisdom and clarity comes through him and from him, my avenue to the unknown.

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